dari hati turun ke jari

apabila hati beraksi

pantas dihantar ke otak untuk diteliti
then otak tanpa berlengah mengarahkan jejari menjalankan tugas
lalu terlahirlah port luahan dari jari jemari
semoga bermanfaat ;)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

semester break


abis je exam
trus pecut speed 4 balek umah
pdhal balek bkn best mne pun
bosan jgk yg dpt duk umah tade buat ape2

tomorrow will be the 4th day of my holiday
sepanjang 3 hari ni memang rase macam housewife dah
duk rumah, jage rumah,
pg2 tade org
tgh hri/ptg bru ad org
mcm ni la perasaan seorang housewife
mesti bosan kan sebab buat bende same hari2
tp just same as work
buat bende same as well hari2

so conclusinye same je la kalo housewife dgn bkn housewife


p/s: tingin nak yalan2 sama ini koxen koxen...

jom la g yalang2..kan holidayyyyyy...hemmmm

Saturday, March 23, 2013

im alone

in my 119 room..
theres a girl that had leaved by her roomates..
the first roomates was leaved on thursday
the second was leaved just now..
and the third roomate not stay still in this room, she always keep missing in action
so, there is only her in that room~~~~

asal sound scary abes!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

talking nonsense


tomorrow i'll berangkat balek to KT
leaving by myself
tssk tssk
dah la i'll be leaving
someone tu pulak sulking ngan oi
terasa hati ngn oi kott
dont know what should oi do
maybe i'll let him cool down dlu kot
tp nk cool down mende
bkan mrah ape pon rsenye..
stop there.

looking for myself

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

camping time

assalamualaikum olls

long time no see this post bacground, miss this so so so much!
the last entry was at 23/8
n today is 26/12
emmm, tade la lame manee

back to the topic
actually i just back from obc
that is stand for outdoor basic camp
this time is my second camp because last sem i already join the camp
so overall
to me, my second camp is better kot
eventhough this time my group was quiet not in a good condition sometime
but, its going ok n ok n ok..
so, no problem with that

oh the best thing about this camp is
the campsite ---> jerangkang waterfall kuantan pahang

according to the plan
yes, we are going to watch the beautifull waterfall yg bertingkat tingkat
but, the cuaca was not blessed us to do so
so our journey to the waterfall is just a half maybe
sampai half ke tak taktau
but still best la
dapat mandi air terjun
yg dalam
until i must use safety jacket to mandi on that waterfall
so..........thats all about waterfall

by the way
behind the scene on road to waterfall
sempat tears a lil bit
because i was worried about my shoose
it was scary when i think about my 'haus' shose
it was scarier when i think about the track yg beselut n jalan batu yg licin sume
n it was scariest when i think that i will fall down guling2 atas track
then it was blessful because when the tears come out
no one yg nampak
n alhamdulillah
averythings going smoothly tade yg jatuh guling2 meniarap sume

in sya Allah kalau ada gamba
next  time i'll share