dari hati turun ke jari

apabila hati beraksi

pantas dihantar ke otak untuk diteliti
then otak tanpa berlengah mengarahkan jejari menjalankan tugas
lalu terlahirlah port luahan dari jari jemari
semoga bermanfaat ;)

Friday, November 29, 2013

Allahu,,,they already marriage.

assalamualaikum ,

Alhamdulillah for every breath i had all these while..

in just this week, i figure out two of my friend get married, its like "waaaaaa.." really nice to hear that, furthermore, i can see their wedding pic. very the lawa! both of them are girls, one i met at tuisyen class and the other one was my school-mate.

happy for them, they look very beautiful on the wedding day, but a bit upset there, no, its a big upset act because i not attend their wedding. if i had come, im very sure i'll totally like happy gile plus excited gile. that is not weird because im the one like that.

omaigad, cant wait for my marriage day..maybe its very too far to think about that. but, its always cross my mind -.-

just wait, the times will come. Allah have set everything. believe in Allah :)

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