dari hati turun ke jari

apabila hati beraksi

pantas dihantar ke otak untuk diteliti
then otak tanpa berlengah mengarahkan jejari menjalankan tugas
lalu terlahirlah port luahan dari jari jemari
semoga bermanfaat ;)

Monday, May 06, 2013

kisah hati

everyone has their own hati..
and every each has a different story..

"lain orang lain kisah die"

begitu juga dgn ambe ni..i've my own story..

about this HATI

yang never dgr cakap..ketegap yang amat

tapi ketegak2 pun, sometimes ade baiknye..

hati ni mudah jatuh cinta pade yang cantik,indah,menarik,semua!
sebab tu orang cakap hati ni lembut..hati jugak mudah tertarik mudah terikat dengan orang baik lagi2 kalo hensem..ehem..its fitrah, cannot say no right..but, itulah, x dapat disangkal lagi, ni lah main point die..

i know him four years ago..we were friend..just friend..aaaaand once in a time, we were close together..for a year, we were keep messaging, keep in touch every day *kot*...we were not bored with that, every day we have our topic/story/something to share..aaaaaand we were like a couple..for a year*plus minus*

till one day, during my semester break..i was reading a lot of stuf like couple/married something like that..and from that, i was thinking about mine..questions and questions like comes and comes..

is what im doing now is true?
what is this for?
what i get from this?
what is my real responsibility now?
how my parent?
my study? i did well??
then, it comes
did Allah redha with this??
did i get rahmat Allah by this??

im still studying..this is not the right way for me i, we discussed..and ask for a break..

its a hard feeling..the one we keep in touch every day..suddenly we have to finish it with this..

fon also suddenly sound..

"lets stop here, kalo ade jodoh, we meet again as a husband and wife"

#love after married is better..jage hati, jage hati, listen to akal !

sentiasa ingat Allah :) insyaAllah

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