dari hati turun ke jari

apabila hati beraksi

pantas dihantar ke otak untuk diteliti
then otak tanpa berlengah mengarahkan jejari menjalankan tugas
lalu terlahirlah port luahan dari jari jemari
semoga bermanfaat ;)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

experience as 'urusetia'

the camp was held at sri something chalet . .
yea, the place is nice, but not really nice as last year camp . .
last year i attend the camp as participant . .
but not this year, this year im from all of the committee members . .

firstly, so excited because tak pernah dapat chance jadi bnda ni . .
and of course clumsy because first time . .
in this camp, im incharge in logistics . .
huh, so busy and tiring , lot thing to manage . .
i have to manage this and that . .
yea, if only me, i will die . .
but, thank a lot to the other logistixers . . hehe
hanan-the leader, fadilah and izzati-healer manager, shima and syazzana-our photographer

sometimes busy, sometimes not . .
a bit surprise when problem comes . .
but, learn to manage it . .
and Alhamdulillah . .
everything can be settled smoothly . .

so, as a conclusion, the camp is very memorable camp for me . .
it teach me to manage something . . it was fun in tiring kot . . haha
and hopefully after this i can join the other committee members . .
hehe . . if ada orang nak ambk la kan . .

for the other committee members and the participants, if u read this, im sorry for the mistakes that i did'nt aware . . its under my consciousness . . im really apologize . . huhu 

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